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Personal interior plan and execution

Do you want an interior design for your home and do you need a complete execution of the plan? For instance, because you lack time and feeling for buying furniture. And you would like it if we also arrange painters, plasterers or carpenters?

No problem! At Atelier09 we are able to fully execute the design plan as well. Down to the finest details.

What is a personal interior design with execution?

When you choose for an interior design plan with execution, we will arrange everything for you. Sufficient if you lack time to execute the plan yourself. We firstly create a tailor-made personal interior that meets your needs and requirements. That’s why we always start the design with a personal intake at your home.

When you are 100% satisfied with the design we execute the plan for you. Buying the furniture, possibly a renovation, painting – you can let us know what you want us to arrange. And that’s a great and care-free way of working.

As said, with this service everything is taken care of and is completely worry-free. There is nothing you have to worry about and the only thing left to do is to enjoy your new interior.

What does the personal interior design, including execution cost?

We always make a tailor-made offer for a personal interior design including execution. The price depends on several factors like the number of rooms and size. Let us know your needs, we are happy to think along with you.

When you contact us, we are happy to make a free of cost appointment for an intake. This can serve as input for the offer.

Price: tailor made offer
This service contains:
  • A personal intake at your home
  • A moodboard with atmosphere
  • A color- and material plan
  • A furniture plan
  • Advice for lightning and window covering
  • A scaled floorplan of the room(s)
  • Tips and ideas for decoration
  • Complete worry-free and all-inclusive service
  • Request of quotations and arrangement of skilled professionals
  • Purchase of furniture in the design plan
  • Styling of the room
  • Every detail cleverly though of
  • Presentation of the plan at you home
  • Hard copy of the design on A3-size
What a nice way to decorate your home. Tim and Elise gave advice, gave many options to choose from, are flexible and work greatly together witten their customers. We are very happy and grateful for the great end result. 

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Do you want to know what we have to offer you? Or with another form of interior advice? Feel free to contact us , so we can discuss the possibilities.


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