Interior advice and customized designs

Atelier09 offers several different services. Are you looking for advice about the right colors to use? Or do you want a customised plan including the execution? That is possible! We are available for interior advice, but also for just color advice or a complete, custom made interior design. 

We ar there for you!

Interior advice creates harmonious and nice spaces. A place weer you feel at home, whether it is your own home or a business property. For instance we can help you when you buy a new home, or when you move in with someone or you need some extra help or creativity with restyling your home. 

Business owners are also more than welcome to use our services. Whatever the question is, we think along with your situation and are happy to make a customized design. Atelier09 doesn’t impose a particular style or trend, but works together with its clients to achieve a shared vision

Our service is driven by your demands

In our designs, we always put your needs first. We think personal contact is very important to start with an interior design. In an introductory meeting, we have the possibility to get to know each other and we are able to map your wishes. This enables us to start the design process with focus. 

Atelier09 stands for:

  • A unique, outstanding and practical tailor-made design.
  • Close collaboration with our clients, to be sure that the design fits their demands.
  • Lots of knowledge and years of experience in the interior business.
  • Infinite creativity which leads to surprising and original designs. 
  • Thinking along and adapting to your wishes. Everything is possible!

Our services

for interior advice and interior design

Here you can find the different services that we offer to private customers. Are you interested in one of these? Or do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Color advice at home

Do you want to add or change the colors of your home, but no clue about how to do this? We are color specialists and give tailor-made advice.

This service contains:

  • color consult of 1 hour at your home
  • An inventory of your preferences and requirements 
  • Viewing your home, furniture and incidence of light
  • Advice for a palette of colors
  • Several other style suggestions
  • You can start directly afterwards!
  • A great idea to give as a gift


(incl. 21% VAT)

Every additional hour €90 incl. VAT

Extensive interior advice at home

You want to change more than just the colors at home? But you want to keep most of the furniture and have some ideas already? In this case we can help you with an extensive interior advice at home.

This service contains:

  • An extensive consult of about 3 hours at your home.
  • the possibility to use us a a sparring partner for your interior
  • Color advice for your home
  • Advice about issues such as a floorplan, furniture, lights or window covering
  • Answers to all your questions
  • A full advisory report in PDF, send by email


(incl. 21% VAT)

Every additional hour €90 incl. VAT

Personal interior design

You do not only want advice, but a complete detailed design for your home? Than we can make a personal interior design plan for you.

This service contains:

  • A personal intake at your home
  • A moodboard with atmospheric images
  • A color- and materialplan
  • A furniture plan
  • Advice for lightning
  • Advice for window covering
  • A scaled floorpan of the room
  • Tips and ideas for decoration
  • Sales addresses and prices for the products in the design
  • Presentation of the plan at your home
  • A hardcopy of the advice in A3 size. 
  • Often the possibility to buy furniture in the plan with reduction


(incl. 21% Vat)

Personal interior design

Including execution

A complete design is not enough for you, and you also want us to execute this? No problem! We can create tailor-made designs and execute the plan for you.

This service contains:

  • Everything from the Personal interior design (see column left)
  • Complete worry-free and all-inclusive service
  • Request of quotations and arrangement of skilled professionals
  • Purchase of furniture in the design plan
  • Styling of the room
  • Every detail cleverly thought of!
Price: tailor made offer

* All above rates are for the design of one room or two connected rooms (maximum 100 m2). These rates includes 21% VAT, and includes travel expenses within a range of 30 km from Amsterdam. For more than 30 km from Amsterdam we calculate €0,35 per km including 21% VAT. When the travel distance is more than 1 hour, we calculate €50 per hour extra.

Dear Tim and Elise,
We approached you for just color advice, but we decided to let you design our whole living room. You have given us a new fresh look at styling and color.
We are also very satisfied with the service you provide. Tim and Elise always think along and are always available for questions. You have laid out an original and daring design.
Thank you very much!!!
Sebastiaan & Carola

Personal interior design

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