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We are in the fortunate position to make lots of customers happy with a nice interior. A reveal of the design is a joy every time. Here you can find a selection of designs that we’ve worked on. Have a look around and click the picture for an enlargement.

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Nieuwbouwwoning Amsterdam houthavens

Nieuwbouwwoningen hebben over het algemeen weinig sfeer. Om dat in deze woning te voorkomen hebben we verschillende kleuren gebruikt en veel natuurlijke materialen toegepast.  Zo is de lange blauwe wand in combinatie met de houten wandpanelen een echte blikvanger en geeft direct een fijne sfeer. 

In alle ruimtes hebben we meerdere kleuren toegepast, zodat iedere ruimte echt een eigen identiteit krijgt. Om echt een gezellige zithoek te creëren hebben we een meubel ontworpen waarin de televisie weg kan zakken. Zo is de televisie niet meer het focus punt dat deze vaak is. 

Woonhuis Heiloo

Een mooi ontwerp voor een punthuis dat typisch is voor Heiloo. De basis van dit huis was al erg goed, maar we hebben er toch nog iets beters van weten te maken. Een warme terra kleur en gouden accessoires gecombineerd met wat stoerdere items maakt een erg sfeervol geheel. 

Ondanks het gebruik van verschillende kleuren blijft het geheel toch licht. Het authentieke glas-in-lood komt mooi uit tegen de grijze wand en zorgt al snel voor extra sfeer. Zo is een inrichting gecreëerd waar de bewoners iedere dag van genieten. 

Vakantie accommodaties ‘Duin Kebbins’

The interior of these 10 accommodations needed to be as special as their name, the ‘Duin Kebbin’. Surrounded by nature, in the middle of the ‘Noordhollands Duinreservaat’. We wanted to add the atmosphere of a sunny Autumn day into the interior. 

Sustainable and surprising were two key words that ours client gave us. We applied this into two different interiors with their own colour schemes. Naturel green stands next to feminine terra. The accommodations are luxury and give you a warm feeling upon entering. Exactly what you need after a long walk in the forest! 

Residential building Heemstede

Our customers moved from Amsterdam to this new home in Heemstede. They wanted to have an interior with it’s own style and create a colorful, but balanced whole. 

The used Scandinavian style combines very well with the bright colors and the classic details of the home. We’ve designed a home which they can enjoy for the years to come!

Residential building Zwolle

Last year we have designed a complete make-per for this great home in Zwolle. A big renovation created a spacious  kitchen and a nice living. Besides there is a nice living on the first floor which has a great view and a playing/working room behind it.

Several colors are added to the interior, but the design still has a calm look. The steel elements create a more industrial look and finish off this great family home.

Office in Amstelhoek

Last summer we’ve made a design for the new office of Cornelis Music in Amstelhoek. This record label moved from Amsterdam to Amstelhoek and asked us to design their office in a former school. 

The request was to give the office a cozy and welcoming feeling. It should feel more like a living room than an office.  Besides they wanted it to have a tough and industrial look. The combination of leather, steel, velvet, a smooth floor and lots of plants creates exactly this feeling!

Ground floor apartment Amsterdam

This house was already nicely furnished when our customers bought it, but they knew it could be done better.

The result definitely shows that they were right! With a new floor, different colors and furniture the house is completely different than before. Our customers are very happy with the result and live happily in their new home. That’s something that we can fully understand.

Residential building Amstelveen

In the last year this house from the 30’s in Amstelveen was completely renovated. The ground floor became an open space with a great lounge and a spacious dining area.

The use of colors in the lounge makes it a cozy place to spend some time together at night. The concrete floor completely fits with the rest of the look and has a tough but also warm appearance.

Triple floor apartment Amsterdam-Zuid

Recently we got the request to design the interior of this big apartment in Amsterdam-South for a family that moved from Italy.

They didn’t take any furniture with them, except for some personal belongings. For us a perfect start to choose great new furniture. The family is very happy with the result and really feel at home in their new hometown.

Residential building Amsterdam IJburg

For this home in IJburg we’ve made a design for the living floor. The style is mainly Scandinavian, but we’ve used some darker wood to give it a warmer look.

The staircase, which connects all three floors, is completely covered with wallpaper. This makes the staircase a real eye catcher, which also unites the three floors.

Semi-detached house Limmen

This semi-detached house in a recently constructed neighborhood is a lot, except boring.

No white wall can be found on the ground floor. Exactly what our customers wished for. The interior is a nice combination of vintage and industrial, with lots of colors. It’s a vibrant floor, but we didn’t go too far. The used colors create the intimate atmosphere that we were aiming at.

Ground floor apartment Amsterdam

Our design was the start for a complete renovation of this apartment in Amsterdam South.

The design is light, with a nice wooden floor and beautiful steel elements. This gives the space a tough and industrial look. For the furniture, we’ve used a combination of Scandinavian and industrial, which added some color to the space.

Design tv-show ‘Alles over Wonen in Actie’

We were asked to make a design for the Dutch television show ‘Alles over wonen’, broadcasted on SBS6. In this show, they help people with a low budget whose house really needs an update.

With minimal means, we’ve created a cozy living room. The surprised occupant was very enthusiastic, as well as her three daughters.

Residential building Utrecht

Recently we’ve made a design for a family house in Utrecht. De ground floor got an extension and is completely redone.

For this design, we’ve chosen for industrial with some Arabic influences. Warm tones are combined with materials as steel and untreated wood.

Reaction client:“We didn’t manage to make a stylish interior ourselves. Therefore, we asked Atelier09 when we bought a new home. We were happily surprised with the design. Up to date, but also sustainable, creative and within our budget. One thing that is also nice: because of the shopping list, you know exactly which products and accessories you need to buy. This saves you a lot of time. Thanks Atelier09!”

Residential building Heiloo

The ground floor of this nice villa has been completely renovated. Our design was the basis of the floorplan with new kitchen and for all the different colors used in the house.

The interior is characterized by natural tones and has a more classic look. We’ve created a space in which our clients can live happily in the coming years.

Luxury accommodations (treehouses) in Castricum

Camping Geversduin in Castricum has built several new accommodations last winter. Not just any accommodation, but nice treehouses in which you stay in between the treetops around you!

We were asked to design the interior of these treehouses. The design is nice and practical and fits the idea of green and natural sleeping that Geversduin has.

Aan ons de mooie taak om de inrichting voor de boomhuizen te verzorgen. Wij hebben hiervoor een mooi interieur verzorgd, dat helemaal aansluit op het idee van groen en natuurlijk recreëren.

Apartment Amsterdam

What do you take with you and what do you leave behind? Difficult questions when you are moving in together for the first time.

We’ve answered these and more questions for a young couple in Amsterdam and created a design in which both feel at home. Some furniture that they already owned was used and we also advised to buy some new pieces. Within a small budget we were able to create a style that fit both of our clients’ wishes.

Apartment Haarlem

For this apartment in Haarlem, which is situated above a shop, we’ve designed a very light and nice interior. Everything had to be done with a small budget. Besides an apartment, this space also serves as a place to have lunch with the staff from the shop downstairs. Our client finds all her requirements in the design and is very happy with it!

Reaction client:

“Atelier09 is a very nice company to work with. Elise and Tim understand your needs and requirements exactly and are able to translate this into a modern design. The added shopping list is very helpful and I enjoyed going to the suggested shops. I didn’t need to look for the right addresses myself, but everything was in there. This really helped me a lot! It also means that you don’t need to stress about whether you make the right choices or not. The result is a very light and spacious apartment, where we can live and work happily. Exactly how I imagined it! I’m so satisfied that I soon hire them again for another job. Thanks a lot! “

Renovated residential building Heiloo

This house in Heiloo has been completely redone, both the inside and outside were renovated. After this massive renovation, our clients can fully enjoy their new home. Our extensive advice for the interior provided for a beautiful result.

Exclusive accommodations Castricum

For a camping in Castricum we designed an interior that completely fits the theme of the accommodations: Greenhouses. It’s a new way of tasteful gardening. A kitchen garden that you have never seen before. Thanks to our design, you can enjoy the fresh herbs and vegetables both inside and outside.

Pictures made by: sannetiebie.nl

Residential building Egmond

The biggest wish of the residents of this classic home was to be able to receive many guests. Something that they are absolutely able to with this design.

Besides a tv-lounge we’ve created an extra lounge where they can sit and relax. The space in the dining is optimally used with a big table that fits a lot of people.

Garden party Egmond

No challenge is too great for us! Therefore, we were very happy with this job. Literally a big party to work on! We did the styling for this garden party, which resulted in a lovely venue and an even better party.

Reaction client:

“My wife and I had a garden party for both of our birthdays. This styling was done by Atelier09, which they did absolutely great. Thanks to this it was a party that we’ll never forget. “

Mijn vrouw en ik hebben een tuinfeest gegeven omdat we beide 60 werden. Dit werd verzorgd door de mensen van Atelier09. Mede door de inrichting en aankleding werd het een fantastisch feest waar we lang op terug kunnen kijken. Helemaal super!

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