A selection from our portfolio

We are in the fortunate position to make lots of customers happy with a nice interior. A reveal of the design is a joy every time. Here you can find a selection of designs that we’ve worked on. Have a look around and click the picture for an enlargement.

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Canal house Amsterdam

This old canal house is located on a beautiful part of the Singel in Amsterdam, of which the apartment we have renovated is on the top three floors. The entire layout of the apartment was drawn by Maxim Winkelaar. We did the design and styling.

The apartment is very luxuriously finished and has a chic appearance. Beautiful materials such as marble, brass and velvet are combined with soft colors and dark wooden elements. The apartment is kept very light, but is also warm and very attractive. The end result is really a very stylish whole!

Holiday apartments Sonnleitn Austria

Sometimes there are projects that make our hearts jump and this is one of them. 12 luxurious apartments, directly next to the slopes in the Nassfeld ski area in Carinthia. We have furnished the apartments in this recently completed complex for our client Clofers. And as you can see, it really is a dream location.

The interior has a traditional Austrian look with many wooden elements, but we have added some modern elements. This creates a nice place to spend your holiday. In addition to this location, Clofers has more apartments that you can book, view them at https://www.clofers.com/en/home-3/.

Apartment Purmerend

We have completely renovated this spacious apartment with a fantastic view. During the resident’s holiday, the floor was renewed, everything was painted, custom cabinets were delivered, window coverings were renewed and almost all furniture was delivered new. Now that’s nice to come back from holiday!

The apartment is now completely up to date and the resident can fully enjoy it for years to come. Completely to her taste and wishes! The house is still light and the large space is fully utilized. We have designed a beautiful workplace that is closed with partly openwork acoustic panels. This way you retain some openness and light.

Apartment Amsterdam

This old building used to house a factory and then served for many years as the head office for the Amsterdam fire brigade. This building has recently been completely renovated and several cool apartments have been added.

Each one is different and with a different layout. What makes this apartment unique is the open space with the high ceiling. A perfect place to hang a cool eye-catcher lamp. We have made the seating area, which has a lower ceiling, cozy by painting the entire area in one color, including the ceiling.

Monumental residential building Baambrugge 

This beautiful monumental house is located in the old village center of the characteristic village of Baambrugge. The classic elements of the house have been retained and are translated to the present. Designer furniture is combined with personal vintage finds.

We have added quite a few colors, which go nicely together and come back in different places. This creates a whole, which is not too stylized at the same time. Perfectly suited to the house and the wishes of our customer!

Holiday homes made of plastic litter

Collecting plastic litter on the beach of Castricum and building a house from it. That’s what was done here. The first holiday home in Europe that is largely built from stray plastic on the outside. And the best is that you can hardly see anything of it!

The interior of the Plastic House is attractive, sustainably furnished and fully equipped. When designing the interior, we opted for sustainable and recycled products as much as possible. For example, the house has a side table made from recycled toys, the dining room chairs are made from ocean plastic and the garden chairs from recycled PET bottles. The bedrooms have beds made of recycled paper with duvets made from recycled PET bottles. Sustainability has also been taken into account everywhere in the kitchen. The kitchen worktops and kitchen fronts are made from recycled materials, but the serving boards, coffee maker and kettle are also made from 100% bio-based plastic.

Residential building Sassenheim

A nice home from the 30’s, which received a huge renovation. Including a new part at the back where the kitchen and dining is situated now. This part is seperated with modern black steel doors

The home breathes freshness and light, but still feels warm. The used colors are a perfect match and create a nice atmosphere. By using several hues of blue and green, the house feels like home and isn’t boring. A home with a nice Scandinavian style!

Unique boutique hotel ‘De watertoren’ 

When we received this assignment, our design hearts skipped a beat! We were going to design a hotelroom at a height of 33 meters. This room is situated in an old water tower from more than 100 years old. 

This monument is completely renovated and the hotelroom is situated at the top of it. This unique suite of more than 20 m2 ia a luxury designsuite, in which the theme water has an important role. We used several hues of blue and in combination with gold and luxury fabrics. 

Sustainable home Voorschoten

For this wonderful and sustainable home we gave a color advice that resulted in a home that didn’t looked new. By choosing several colors and leaving no wall white, we create a warm atmosphere instantly. 

The green wall, including the green doors and frames, is directly noticed when entering the house. This wall created a perfect connection between kitchen and living. The fresh yellow walls create a sunny and happy whole.