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Color advice for your home

The right colors are of major importance to make you feel at home. A fresh white wall gives a complete other look and feel than a dark blue or bright yellow one.

We have many years of experience and are happy to help you with color advice for your home. A good look at the room, it’s light and existing furniture is essential. As well as the style and personal wishes of our clients. In that way, you know for sure that the advised colors fit your home perfectly.

What does a color advice entail? 

When you consult us for a color advice, we have a close look at your home. What is your style? How does the space look like? How is the light? And which elements are fixed and do not change?

Based on these facts, we give you advice about which colors to use in your home. Of course, we keep your own preferences in mind. When you keep certain furniture items, we match the colors with these.

Color advice for your home at Atelier09

A color advice at Atelier09 takes 1 hour or more, depending on the size of the home and the number of rooms you want advice for.

During this consult, we closely discuss your wishes and have an extensive look at your home. We have several color charts with us, as well as examples in A4 or A5 size. You’ll get the advice about which colors to use directly after the consult. We also give you some other style suggestions. You can start painting immediately!

What does a color advice cost?

A color advice for your home of 1 hour.



(excl. 21% VAT)

Every additional hour €65 excl. VAT

A great idea to give as a present!

It is also very nice to give a color advice to someone as a present. For example, to someone who just bought a new house. Or a friend who wants to renovate but is missing the right ideas. We surprise this person with our expert color advice and surprising combinations. 

* This rate applies to the design of one or two combined spaces (maximum 100 m2). These rate does not include 21% VAT, and include travel expenses within a range of 30 km from Amsterdam. For more than 30 km from Amsterdam we calculate €0,25 per km net of 21% VAT. When the travel distance is more than 1 hour, we calculate €30 per hour extra, net of 21% VAT.

Mijn nieuwe huis in Haarlem is nu geschilderd in de door jou voorgestelde kleuren en ik ben heel blij met het resultaat. Bedankt voor je goede advies.

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